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ASTM A500 - HSS Rectangular Hollow Structural Sections

274 rows · Rectangular Hollow Strucural Sections - Imperial Units. cut! - before cut:customize the Calculate Required Tube Size Using Structural Properties Home / Resources / Calculators / Calculate Required Tube Size Using Structural Properties. The calculator can be utilized by anyone that knows the loading criteria of their application and whether the tube will be used as a beam or column. This calculator will compute the acceptable Allied galvanized steel tubing product size based on length


Rectangular HSS (ERW) Fy = 50 ksi 44 Square HSS (SAW) Fy = 46 ksi 67 Rectangular HSS (SAW) Fy = 46 ksi 69 Square HSS (SAW) Fy = 50 ksi 72 Rectangular HSS (SAW) Fy = 50 ksi 74 Page Round HSS (ERW) Fy = 42 ksi 78 HSS - Steel Tube InstituteOUTSIDE DIMENSIONS MEASURING ROUND TUBING EXAMPLE 1 Round HSS size is 7 in. O.D. Specication:O.D. tolerance = 7 in. x 0.0075 = 0.0525 = 0.053 in. Measured dimensions:a-a, b-b, c-c:= 7. + 0.053 = 7.053 in. maximum = 7. - 0.053 = 6.947 in. minimum EXAMPLE 1 11. PERMISSIBLE VARIATIONS IN DIMENSIONS 11.1 Outside Dimensions: HSS American Institute of Steel ConstructionJan 01, 2006 · Pipe-size rounds (P, PX and PXX) are also available in ASTM A53 Grade B material. See FAQs 1.4.6 through 1.4.8 for additional information on HSS and pipe section designations and material grades. ASTM A1085 is a new specification for HSS.

Hollow Structural Section Light Gauge Section

Sizes Wide range of size is available including one of the largest cold roll formed HSS in the world. Square size varies with each side from 50mm to 550mm or 2inch to 22inch. wall thickness from 1.6mm to 25mm or 0.063inch to 0.984inch. Quality The highest and consistent quality is guaranteed such as high dimensional accuracy, Round, Square and Rectangular Tube & Pipe14 ga 0.083 2.160 Square Tubing Continued on next page Mechanical Tubing:Under 2" or 11 ga and under - ASTM A-513. Structural Tubing:2" and over 11 ga wall thickness - ASTM A-500 Grade B. Standard Lengths:20 ft., 24 ft., 40 ft., and 48 ft. Wall Thickness (inches) Weight (lbs./ft.) Outside Dimension & Gauge (inches) Wall Thickness (inches) Weight (lbs./ft.) Square & Rectangular Hollow Sections Specification55 rows · 0.938. Square Hollow Sections. SHS B X D mm. Thickness mm. Sec Area A cm2. Unit W

Square Hollow Structural Sections - HSS

2.00:6.35:2.82:1.78:3.27:9.92:4.45:1.47:4 x 4 x 1/2:21.63:0.465:5.6:5.6:6.02:11.9:5.95:1.41:7.70:21.0:11.2:1.20:4 x 4 x 3/8:17.27:0.349:8.5:8.5:4.78:10.3:5.13:1.46:6.39:17.5:9.14:1.23:4 x 4 x 5/16:14.83:0.291:10.7:10.7:4.10:9.14:4.57:1.49:5.59:15.3:7.91:1.25:4 x 4 x 1/4:12.21:0.233:14.2:14.2:3.37:7.80:3.90:1.52:4.69:12.8:6.56:1.27:4 x 4 x 3/16:9.42:0.174:20.0:20.0:2.58:6.21:3.10:1.55:3.67:9.96:5.07:1.28:4 x 4 x Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubing - Ornamental SS Stainless Steel Rectangular Tube. Ornamental rectangular tubing is stocked in a number of standard sizes and grades, including 304/304L and 316/316L. Either grade is ideal for all structural applications, general fabrication, manufacturing and repairs. Steel rectangular tubing is widely used in industrial maintenance, agricultural implements Steel Rectangular Tube Rectangle Tubing Steel TubingSteel Rectangular Tube Options Height. 1/2 Industrial Metal Supply carries a huge inventory of rectangular hot rolled steel tube. We offer a variety of standard sizes (height/width), wall thicknesses, and lengths, and can provide custom cut-to-length steel rectangular tube


2 DIMENSIONS AND SECTION PROPERTIES OF RECTANGULAR HSS Torsional Torsional Weight Wall Cross X-X Axis Y-Y Axis Stiffness Shear Surface Nominal Size per Thickness Sectional Constant Constant Area Foot t b/t h/t Area I x S x r x Z x I y S y r y Z y J C Per Foot in. in. in. Ib. in. in. 2 in. 4 in. 3 in. in. 3 in. 4 in. 3 in. in. 3 in. 4 in. 3 ft. 2