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Benefits of Using 316 Stainless Steel Castings

Jul 18, 2020 · Among all the stainless steel casting grades, 316 stainles steel, the equivalent grade is CF8M stainless steel, is the common grade used in investment casting process. As the leading stainless steel casting company in China, we would like to share the benefits of using 316 stainless steel castings in below:Corrosion Resistant Properties Global Investment Casting Supplier JC castingFounded in 1997, JC Casting is a Global Investment Casting Supplier. We have 2 own factories and 2 partner factories in China. We focus on investment casting, sand casting, and machining technic. The raw materials range from Iron, Aluminum, Stainless Steel to Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, and Non-ferrous alloy.

Heat Treatment of Wear (Abrasion) Resistant Steel Castings

As a full-service metal foundry, we support you from the pattern design to finished casting and machining through investment casting (lost wax process), sand casting, CNC machining, engineering design and heat treatment as well as surface treatment for the stainless steel castings, alloy steel castings, carbon steel castings, grey cast iron castings, ductile cast iron castings and non-ferrous metal castings. Investment Casting Foundry - Lantian Precision CastingWe are a leading and large scale precision casting foundry located in Dalian,Liaoning, the Northeast of China.Our first foundry was established in 1997.Nowadays we have four manufacturing factories specializing in steel investment casting (lost wax casting) process and cnc machining.We can cast Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Low Alloy Steel.The casting components unit weight is from Investment Casting Tolerances - Stainless FoundryLinear tolerancing is normally applied to the following features of investment castings:Length, Concentricity, Fillet radii, Holes, Flatness, Straightness, Corner Radii, and Curved Holes.

Stainless Steel Investment Casting - 300 Series Precision

Stainless steel's biggest advantage is its excellent corrosion resistance. Unlike other materials, stainless steel investment castings have a built-in chromium oxide layer that provides exceptional anti-corrosive properties. These corrosion resistant properties make stainless steel castings ideal for military, medical, and industrial applications. Stainless Steel Investment Casting - Stainless Steel We specialize in investment castings by casting a wide variety of alloys including stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum. We provide custom stainless steel castings for industries and applications including automotive, food & dairy, machinery, medical, plumbing, watering, mining, petrochemical, electrical industry, aerospace, submarine and others. Stainless Steel Investment Castings Stainless Steel Manufacturer of stainless steel investment castings in various shapes and sizes across different applications. We investment cast stainless steel 300 , 400 and PH Stainless Steel (Precipitation Hardening).ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D certifications .

Stainless Steel Investment Castings from Impro Industries

2 days ago · GlobalSpec Product Announcement for Stainless Steel Investment Castings - Impro offers stainless steel investment casting solutions that enable intricate shapes, thin walls, all while still maintaining the high dimensional accuracy, mechanical and physical properties, and superior surface quality, dictated by the needs of our customers in diverse end markets. Steel Foundry INVESTMENT CASTINGJan 23, 2018 · CFS Steel Foundry has an extensive history of steel casting at our location in Ningbo, China. Our Steel Foundry has rich experience in pouring all type of steel castings, and is capable of producing steel castings from a few ounces, up to 150 pounds utilizing investment casting and sand casting processes. We produce high quality steel casting products and provide exceptional customer Stainless Steel Foundry Stainless Steel CastingCFS Stainless Steel Foundry is the professional stainless steel investment casting manufacturer and exporter. With more than 20 years experience, CFS has become one of the largest stainless steel foundries in China by the hard working of all staff. By now,