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The Hattori FH Series FH-5L Honesuki Boning Knife is a masterpiece of Japanese craftsmanship. Measuring 6.2 inches long and boasting a VG-10 Cobalt Steel blade and an ergonomic hand-shaped Black Linen Micarta handle, this perfectly balanced tool is ideal for de-boning poultry, filleting fish or red meat, and performing many tasks that Western boning knives are used for. Hattori Forums FH Series VG-10 Handmade Knife Hattori Forums Custom Limited Edition Year 2021, FH Series FH-13SP2021SM Sujihiki 270mm (10.6 Inch, Sugarite Malachite GemStone HandleSugarite Malachite GemStone Handle) 2 reviews $398.00. Hattori Forums Custom Limited Edition Year 2021, FH Series FH-1SP2021T Parer 70mm (2.7 Inch, Turquoise Gem Stone Handle) $234.00.

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Jun 20, 2010 · The idea was to sell a knife that was somewhere in between mass-produced and custom-made honyaki knives. A solid vg-10 blade is obviously more expensive to produce, driving up the price. It seems as though Hattori makes the FH in-house (that's not to say by Mr. Hattori personally) whereas the production of the HD line is outsourced. SHAASHOPTranslate this pageHattori Forums FH Series Gyuto 270mm, Cocobolo Wood 270 $271.00 USD shaashop Masamoto KK Series Kasumi White Steel No.2 Yanagiba (210mm to 330mm, 5 sizes) 240mm, white $256.00 USD sabaki goldendeer 4936 JPY japanese chef knifeLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut rhoncus risus mauris, et commodo lectus hendrerit ac. Nam consectetur velit et erat fermentum aliquet.

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Blog Single Post sujihiki knife use. By :Comments :No comment Category :Uncategorized Comments :No comment Category :UncategorizedHattori FH series 270 sujihiki "forum knife" BladeForumsDec 30, 2015 · Aug 12, 2005 This is a 270mm Hattori FH suji. This series of knives was designed by the forum members of the "In The Kitchen" subforum of Knife Forums, which was apparently THE place for kitchen knife nerds before "conflict" kind of split out the group.