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Flow softening behavior and microstructure evolution of

understanding of flow stress behavior and microstructure evolution mechanism is prerequisite to determining optimized process parameters and relevant set-up [1,2]. During deformation at high temperature, dynamic recovery (DRV) and dynamic recrystallization (DRX) reduce the strain hardening that usually arises from interactions of dislocations. Microstructure Evolution Mechanism and Mechanical Oct 28, 2020 · During hot deformation process, the continuous dynamic recrystallization mechanism and grain boundary strengthening were dominated. The grain growth and the particles appearance became the primary mechanism of microstructure evolution. Besides, the optimal initial reduction of

Softening Mechanisms and Microstructural Evolution in a

Jan 22, 2019 · The evolution of microstructure is quantified using average grain size and grain size distributions. The microstructural transitions resulting from continuous dynamic recrystallization and discontinuous dynamic recrystallization are examined. The resultant softening is studied using macro- and micro-indentation experiments.