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GRE Marine & Offshore Pipeline, Using high quality epoxy resin as matrix and high strength glass fiber as reinforcement, and are formed onto a mold through the computer controlled winding process, after the final heat curing forming a stable performance of finished pipe and fitting. 10.0 Detail Instructions VA - GFK IN - GRP Bonding and First, rub in a thin coat of adhesive using pressure. The adhesive mixture is applied to the sections of pipe and fitting which have been sanded. This is followed by a thicker coat. The thickness of adhesive on the pipe end should fill the bonding gap between pipe and fitting.

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Epoxy pipe Under IMO Rules, Bondstrand epoxy products can be used for systems (normally water filled) without additional passive fire protection. Fire exposure will cause the outer surface of the pipe to char, but the functionality of the piping remains. Additional fire protection Depending on the level of fire endurance required, epoxy pipe with FIBREGLASS COMPOSITESGRP/GRV/GRE fittings required for various applications are provided by Extra Co. usingsame material as pipe, formed to suit pipe size and end design, in required elbows, tees,unequal tees, concentric and eccentric reducers, flanges, blind flanges, puddle flanges, couplings,saddles, wyes, crosses, end caps, etc. Special fittings can be made available upon request. We arespecialized in making spools as per GRE GLASS FIBER REINFORCED EPOXY INTER PIPE FACTORYGRE GLASS FIBER REINFORCED EPOXY. Corrosion resistant, Lightweight and manufactured under stringent quality standards, Inter Pipe Factory® GRE pipes are available in different pressure classes. Diameters range from 25mm up to 1200mm and can be supplied with lengths up to 12 meters. The increasing knowledge of the operational cost savings and

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GRE Pipes Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) materials are an alternative to carbon steel pipes which are highly useful especially for corrosive. aggressive and normal environments. High strength fiberglass and amine cured epoxy resin processed under discontinuous filament winding process is the technology used in GRE pipes. GRP PIPE & FITTINGS Global FiberglassGRE PIPE :GRE Pipes made from major raw materials fiberglass + Epoxy Resin. GRE Pipes can be used for application of temperature upto 1100C. GRE Pipes are lighter and easier to handle with minimal thermal conductivity and also have better mechanical and chemical properties compared to GRP /GRV Pipe GRP Pipe Fittings - Al Madina Fiber Glass LLCGRE Pipes made from major raw materials fiberglass + Epoxy Resin GRE Pipes can be used for application of temperature upto 1100C GRE Pipes are lighter and easier to handle with minimal thermal conductivity and also have better mechanical and chemical properties compared to GRP /GRV Pipe. We offer Diameters of Pipe produced range from 25mm to 2000mm. PIPE FITTINGS:

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Smithline's GRP pipes meet the needs of varied types of industries to carry corrosive and non-corrosive fluids for various industries like Oil & Gas, Power Projects, Petrochemical, Potable water, municipal & general industries .Our GRP pipes are competing with conventional pipes made with ductile iron, epoxy coated MS, PVC, HDPE as these are non-corrosive and will have a long life if it has a proper selection Hot Spring Pipe High Pressure GRE Pipes and Fittings Equal The GRE pipe offers a unique combination of chemical resistance, size stability, high strength, and thermal/electric non-conductivity. So the GRE pipe can be used in the fields of chemical anti-corrosion, construction, electric insulation, power development etc. Features:1. Anti corrosion. 2. High strength, more safety. 3. More than 30 years service life Low Pressure GRP, GRE & GRV Pipes PIDNA Nigeria LimitedLow Pressure GRP, GRE & GRV Pipes April 7, 2019 April 8, 2019 meetmuyiwa We deliver Low Pressure Pipes fabricated by fixed-length winding technology using glass fibre and its products as reinforcing materials, and a thermosetting resin, such as unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy

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GRE pipes are well suited for environments where corrosion resistance is required at a reasonable price. Main uses include petrochemical process lines, oil and gas systems, fire-fighting systems, offshore and onshore systems, and ship and marine applications. GRE pipes are available with diameters ranging from 25 1200 mm.