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2512-02 2512-03 2514-00 2515 2515-02 2517 2517H 2518 2519 251A58 251A60 251H60 2522 LCN 2523-02 2524 252M 2534-02 253MA 254 SMO 254EM 254SLX 254SMO 254SMO cast 255 255 1.4515 2550 2550-M 2564 2569 2570-04 259 25A1 25A2 25Ag-75W 25Ag-75W INF 25C12S14 25C4 25C8 25CD12 25CD4 25CD4-M 25CD4/TKMI 25CD4 25CD4FF 25CD4S 25CD4S I-21B 25CD4S I-22B Sandvik 254 SMO Sandvik Materials TechnologyNov 06, 2019 · Sandvik 254 SMO is a high alloyed austenitic stainless steel and thus tougher inserts in metal cutting are needed than is the case for lower alloyed austenitic grades. When machining Sandvik 254 SMO considerably lower cutting speeds are recommended compared to the grades Sanmac 304/304L and Sanmac 316/316L, which have improved machinability.

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Oct 21, 2020 · Alloy Steel F9 Bright Bar Stockists, AS F9 Rods, Alloy Steel F9 Round Bars, Alloy Steel A182 F9 Cold Finish Round Bar, Chrome Moly F9 Round Bars, ASME SA182 AS Forged Bar Exporter in India. Supplier of Alloy Steel F5 Round Bars, ASTM A182 Chrome Moly F9 Rods, Cr-Mo F44/S31254/1.4547/6% Molybdenum Super Austenitic - The alloy, therefore, falls into a super austenitic stainless steel category. It can also represent a cost-effective alternative to the higher nickel alloys in some marine and chemical processing environments. One of the outstanding attributes of S31254 / 1.4547 alloy is its resistance to environments containing chlorides or other halides.