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An Introduction to Brazing - Oerlikon

Welding is a joining process wherein metallic components Amdry 805 is an iron-based braze filler metal from Oerlikon Metco designed as a cost-effective, high-strength solution for stainless steel heat Aluminum and aluminum alloys Carbon steel and low alloy steels Cast iron Ceramics Cobalt and cobalt alloys Copper and copper alloys Buy Online Oerlikon Welding Electrodes, Mild Steel Welding Welcome to Tikweld Welding Supplies and Services! Suit 10 Pine plaza Lekki Epe Eway Lekki Lagos, 105102, Lagos. Km 3 Igbo Etche Road, Off Eleme Junction, Rumukwurushi, Port Harcourt Rivers State Shop 016, Zitel Plaza, Plot 227 P.O.W. Mafemi Cres, Utako 900108, Abuja [email protected]


Metal Cored Metal Cored GMAW FCAW-G FCAW-S SMAW CAG (only i450) Metal Cored Stainless Steel Metal Cored Stainless Steel Stainless Steel WELDING OF:Steel Stainless Steel Low Alloy Steel Aluminium MIG Brazing APPLICATIONS General Fabrication Construction site Maintenance and Repair Light Industrial CITOSTEEL Open the catalog to page 3 Find us SAF-FRO - the expert for industrial Welding and Welding of low alloyed steel; Welding of stainless steel; Welding of aluminium; Hardfacing; Find us. Menu. Share. Share on Facebook; Google Plus One; Pinterest; Linkedin Share Button; Tweet Widget; OERLIKON SCHWEISSTECHNIK GmbH. Address:Industriestrasse 12 - D-67304 EISENBERG / PFALZ. Telephone:+49 6351 476 - 0 +49 6351 476 - 335. Henan Xinlianxin Steel Co., Ltdcarbon steel, optimal carbon steel, alloy steel, and so on. 50,000 tons of our in-stock inventory have been prepared for your immediate need every year. Even more, Any specification (8- 700 mm thickness, 1500-4020 width, 3000-27000 length ,max 35 tons for single plate ) of the steel plate you want can be supplied by our company .


(Formerly Known as Advani-Oerlikon Ltd.) LOW ALLOY STEEL CONSUMABLES AND FLUXES CLASSIFICATION FOR SAW (AWS A/SFA 5.23) Submerged Arc Welding Flux Flux Nature (Table 3) Usability Designator (Table 4) Impact Requirement (Table 5) Alloy type (Table 2) Diffusible Hydrogen (Table 6) Special Requirement (Table 7) Weld metal type (Table 2) Nuclear Power Generation - Oerlikon - PDF Catalogs Oerlikon Nuclear Standard Range All-Weld-Metal Properties WELDING PROCESS Trade Name CARBON STEEL CONSTRUCTION SUPERCITO 7018S MMA TIG LOW ALLOY (Rm 550MPa PWHT>15h RCCM & 42h ASME add spec) LOW ALLOY (Rm >620MPa PWHT>15h RCCM & 42h ASME add spec) MMA NICKEL BASE ALLOY 600 - Steam Generator SAW NICKEL BASE ALLOY Submerged Arc Welding OerlikonAllways keeping in mind to provide optimum toughness in combination with good slag detachability and operability. Different tasks demand different flux types, but whenever an OELIKON flux turns up, it is the best compromise in terms of performance and mechanical properties. Non alloy steel. Low & medium alloy. High alloy steel.

Welding electrodes OERLIKON Rutile electrodes Basic

Welding electrodes Oerlikon Rutile FINCORD C-Mn and Low Alloy steel. FINCORD is a thick rutile coated multi-purpose MMA electrode with outstanding welding characteristics. Exceptionally easy operating makes it suitable for use by lower skilled welders. Suitable for trade, use in structural engineering, shipbuilding, vehicle and agricultural machines.